Johann Friedrich Herbart

Philosopher and Moral Educational Thinker

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Lasting Impact

Changed the way philosophers and teachers think about the connection between learning and teaching


Saturday, May 4th 1776 at 12am

Göttingen, Germany

Göttingen, NDS


Renewed 19th-century interest in realism

Study under Fichte (a German philosopher) at Jena

Became a tutor at Interlake, Switzerland, from 1797 to 1800.

Moved home to Göttingen in 1833 to be a professor.

Wanted to prove that learning and education could be treated by deductive reasoning.

Felt that education was a moral ideal.

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Believed that education and learning was only capable by the moral strength and will of a person.


Made serious contributions to Education. Became known as the first philosopher to conceptualize the connection between teaching and learning.

Felt that all people were born with the same mental opportunities but were dependent on the combination of presentations a person witnessed along with periods of long, mature reflection.


Saturday, Aug. 14th 1841 at 9pm

Göttingen, Germany

Göttingen, NDS

He was 65 years old.