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The land of Russia

Russia takes up about one sixth of the Earth. Russians have oceans on the northern and eastern borders and the Mountainous areas. Half of Russia is permafrost which means it’s always really cold. Russia is the largest country in the world. Russia can reach up to about 100 degrees in the summer. In half of Russia, it's cold all the time. South of the tundra is the forest area which is called the taiga.

The Peasants

Most Russian workers were peasants. Many peasants starved because they were so poor. The peasants were free to leave the estates as long as they paid their debts. Serfs could not leave the estate without permission. The Industrial Revolution didn’t begin in Russia. In February in the1917 Bolsheviks began the Russian Relvolution.

Trans Siberian Railroad

Russia began to build the railroad in 1891. The railroad is called Trans Siberian Railroad. The railroad plays an important role in the world. The railroad connects Moscow with the eastern part of Russia. Russian peasants enlisted to labor on the railroad.