Hello ! My Name is Ms.Jessica

Welcome"Tiny Explorers" one and all!

Information Station #1

Hello! I am your teacher, Ms. Jessica, here at Gene Brown Elementary school.

[Fun Fact]: I am a lover of all things cartoon related and I love to dress up as them too!

My Prime Location: I am from Nashville, TN (All though I have moved a lot. )

My Motto: I believe that all explorers big and small have a chance to discover the world and all that it has to offer.

Favorite activity: I LOVE!!!! reading books. If you ever want to hop into another realm or world just read a book and you have a round trip ticket.

Favorite food: You can always make me happy with a slice of pizza.

Favorite type of learner: EVERY TYPE!

Ending Statement

You will always succeed if you fail and continue to try.

( Be like this dog )

[Video down below]