The Colt Courier

August, 2020

Principal's Message

Welcome Back!

This is my first full year at SFES, but I have been part of Fort Mill Schools for the past 11 years. There is a reason why we are the top district in the state and it is all because of each of you. As a staff member, you have a very important job in an outstanding school system. While I publicly proclaim the classroom teacher’s role in the successful schooling of children, anyone who has worked in a public school knows that parents, volunteers, office support staff, child nutrition staff, teacher assistants, custodians, and bus drivers play vitally important roles in creating a school environment that is safe, clean, and conducive to student learning.

As strange as this year may be, we are very excited to get to work with you and get to know each of you more. Our admin. team can't wait to see all of the great things you have to offer this year! I know there will be new challenges this year, but we will get through it together and continue to make Springfield Elementary the greatest school in South Carolina. Remember, we are family!



First Week Schedule

***Staff should plan to be at school on workdays from 7:30 AM until 2:30 PM each day. Dress is casual outside of Virtual Meet the Teacher.

August 20

  • Staff receives rosters

  • August 21

    • Colt Academy for new staff.
    • Student Placement sent at 9:00

    August 24

    • 8:00-9:00 Brief Virtual Staff Meeting Followed by Breakfast
    • Work in Rooms/Lunch on Your Own

    August 25

    • 8:00-10:30 Staff Meeting (Schedule Below)

    8:00 K-1 Library, SPED/RA/Office Staff gym, 4-5 B105, and 2-3 Computer Lab

    8:40 2-3 Library, k-1, k asst. gym, SPED/RA B105, and 4-5 Computer Lab

    9:20 4-5 Library, 2-3 gym, k-1, k asst. B105, and SPED/RA Computer Lab

    10:00 SPED Library, 4-5 gym, 2-3 and Office Staff B105, and k-1 Computer Lab

    August 26

    • 7:30-2:30 ELEARNING TECHNOLOGY PD- 7 HOURS/***Staff may choose to do the technology training ahead of the 20-21 school year. This will be a trade off for a teacher workday. The date should be coordinated with Mr. Fantone. Not all teacher workdays are eligible.***
    • Special Treat for Staff (Time to be determined)

    August 27

    • Meet the Teacher: The times are: 10:00am, 12:30pm or 5:00pm. (Kindergarten will determine their own times.)
    • 8:30 Related Arts Cohorts Virtual
    • You may arrive at 9:30 this day.
    • 9-12, and 1-4 Students can pick up folders, car tags, drop off medicine.

    August 28

    • 8:00-10:00 Staff Meeting (See Schedules Below)
    • 10:00-1:00 Work in Rooms
    • 1:00-2:00 Team Building
    8:00-825 K-1 Library, RA in Gym, 4-5 in B105, 2-3 in Lab

    8:30-8:55 2-3 in Library, k-1 in gym, RA in B105, 4-5 in Lab

    9:00-9:25 4-5 in library, 2-3 in Gym, k-1 in B105

    9:30-9:55 4-5 in Gym, 2-3 in B105, k-1 in Lab

    School News

    Motto & Hashtag Winners: Congrats to everyone who participated and especially our winners.

    • Motto-COLTivating Excellence by 2nd grade
    • Hashtag- #SEShoovesup by Jeannine Bruce

    Professional Attire:

    • This year may be challenging. So that you can sleep in a little longer, jeans and professional tops may be worn daily. Spirit wear will be worn on Fridays.


      • During the first 10 days- Kindergarten has to take STAR early literacy and KRA (math and ELA is a must and get started on the other parts)

      • 1st grade- STAR Early Literacy and STAR Math - they usually do STAR reading but this time it’s Early Literacy- this is a mandate from universal screener requirement

      • 1st grade- STAR CBM (Instead of a running record)

      • 2nd-5th- STAR reading and STAR math

    Student Placement Rosters for Teachers- Thursday, August 20

    Teacher Assignment Parent Notification Date: Tuesday, August 25th at 4:00

    Schedules: Please click the staff website below to find the schedules, handbooks, and other valuable information for the year. Please take a few minutes to navigate the site.

    Report Time & End Time for 20-21

    Report time for 20-21 is 7:05 AM. All homeroom teachers should plan to be in their classrooms by 7:05 AM daily. All other staff should plan to be on duty by 7:05 AM daily.

    The school day will end at 1:40 PM. Staff not on duty in the afternoon can leave at 2:35 PM daily.

    Grade Chairs:

    RA- Matthew McCurley

    K- Dana Reese

    1- Nikki Letterhos

    2- Kelsey Clifford

    3- Karley English

    4- Alyssa Cohn

    5- Amanda Foster

    SPED- Kimberly Long

    Mask Expectations: Teachers work with students on when to take off. Appropriate times include when behind shield, snack time, lunch, etc.

    Drive by Pick up Day August 27th: Parents can stop in between 9-12 or 1-4 to pick up car tags, free/reduced paperwork, bus forms, breakfast forms, etc. on the day of open house. Instructional leadership team and office will be helping to pass these things out. Teachers will not be responsible for being outside to distribute materials.

    Virtual Supplies Pick up Day: Students will be given a time to drive by and pick up books, agendas, and any manipulatives or notebooks you would like your kids to have. Virtual teachers will place materials in a grocery bag and pass them out while meeting their kids. A date and time will be determined at a later date.

    Meet the Teacher: This year we are offering a virtual Meet the Teacher on Thursday, August 27th. Your teacher will offer three virtual times that you can join. The times are: 10:00am, 12:30pm or 5:00pm. You will send an email to parents on Wednesday, August 26th with the link to the Google Meets virtual meeting. There will be three Google Meets to choose from, but they only have to choose one. During this virtual meeting, the teacher will share information about their class expectations and procedures. This is not an opportunity for them to ask questions live. If they have questions, please ask them to email you so you can address with all parents. You could video parts of your classroom to share with parents. The entire session needs to be live, but you can share prerecorded parts by screensharing videos or documents. This will be a great way to "meet" your children and learn more about the class!

    *Kindergarten teachers will communicate their times for meetings.

    A/B Schedules: Our district is going to start the first four weeks of school on an A/B schedule. That means that if their last name begins with an A-K then they will come to school on 'A' days and if their last name begins with L-Z then they will come to school on 'B' days. So, Monday August 31st will be the first day of school for our 'A' students and Tuesday, September 1st will be the first day for our 'B' students. The pattern will continue each week. For example, if a child comes to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then the following week they will come on Tuesday and Thursday. On September 28th, all students will return to school on the same day.

    Expectation for “off” days

    • Independent practice of reading, writing, and math skills

    • Independent reading

    • School Days will have more of a focus of teacher led activities and direction where off days are meant for independent work, get to know you activities, or catching up on class work.

    • Activities and time will vary depending on grade level.

    Important School Information: Our school doors open daily at 7:05 and instruction begins at 7:45. When students arrive to school, they will walk straight to their classroom and stay in their classrooms and begin their morning routines.

    There will be no parents allowed in the building which includes volunteers, PTO, School Improvement members or Watch D.O.G.S.

    Extracurricular activities, clubs, and field trips are postponed indefinitely.

    Kindergarten Drop Off

    This is going to look different than in other years. No parents will be allowed to enter the building, so I wanted to share our new procedure. If you plan to walk your kindergartener to class:

    • Parents will be able to drop Kindergarten students off and walk to the back door for the first week of school (August 31-Sept 4).
    • You may walk them to the outside doors from 8:00-8:20
    • park your car in the front parking lot
    • walk your child across the crosswalk
    • walk down the sidewalk towards the Kindergarten playground
    • staff will allow a certain number of families to enter the gated playground area at one time
    • parents will be able to drop your child off and meet the teacher at the back door
    • only the child can enter the classroom
    • parents will exit the playground area through another designated exit door
    • Independence Day is Wednesday, September 9, and Thursday, September 10.

    Happy August Birthdays to the Following Colts!

    We hope the following staff members have a wonderful birthday!

    August 1-Jennifer Lenger

    August 5-Lindsay Haney

    August 6-Noreen Bouley

    August 10-Alice Arena

    August 10- Amy Klein

    August 10-Avery Ingle

    August 12- Donna Schueren

    August 26- Jennifer McMillian

    August 27-Michelle Ruhe

    August 31-Jeannine Bruce

    Happy Belated Summer Birthdays!

    June 14-Allison Wyndham

    June 20-Melia Teska

    June 23-Claire Ache

    June 24-Audrey Cageao

    June 24-Stacy Wright

    June 30-Hannah Couchenour

    July 1- Hannah Walker

    July 3- Kim Therrell

    July 16-Krista Shultz

    July 27-Susana Harper

    July 31- Nick Hansen

    Quote of the Week

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."

    New Staff


    Michael Pearson-Technology

    Kindergarten: Kirstin Bull

    First Grade: Eryn Wiley

    Second Grade: Mallory Knighton

    Third Grade: Morgan Bodem, Hannah Buskirk and Kaity Buerger

    Fourth Grade: Madison Warren, Jennifer McMillian and Susana Harper

    Fifth Grade: Lakerria Carouthers, Anna Addis, and Brianna Larson

    Special Services: Krista Shultz, Avery Ingle, Claire Ache, April Jones, and Amanda Nagley

    Support Staff

    Special Services: Alexis Claassen and Tiffany Wagner

    Kindergarten Assistant: Deia Sobas

    Office Staff:

    PowerSchool: Ana Litchfield

    Nurse: Jennifer Miller

    Receptionist: Jeannine Bruce

    Tech Assistant: Joanna Harrigan


    Assistant Principal: Casey Czapla Literacy Coach: Michelle Ruhe

    Literacy Interventionist: Lena Robertson K-2 Interventionist: Noreen Bouley

    Reading Recovery: Emily Heitkamp School Psychologist: Sydney Wenck


    Theresa Atkinson

    Marcus William Easterday

    Jenna Davis

    Chalea High

    Arrival Map

    Big picture

    SES Teacher Website

    Our Google Site will provide access to a variety of resources including: Master Schedules, Handbooks, Calendars, Faculty Rosters, etc...



    k- Jennifer Antley and Marylisa Martin

    1- Hannah Couchenour and Katy Rolison

    2- Robyn DeTraglia and Grace Haruska

    3- Kasey Ellsworth and Ashlee Threatt

    4- Tracy Hazelwood and Erin Sutphin

    5- Brianna Larson and Jamie Thomas

    SPED-Alice Arena