By: Jack Eaton

The connection between the Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, and the Church Reformation after Vatican II is that each one caused a change in entertainment and helped to change the way we are entertained today.

Entertainment during the Civil War

During the Civil War soldiers had several ways of entertaining themselves. Some types of entertainment were:

1. Many soldiers would often play card games such as poker, twenty-one, euchre, and keno.

2. Soldiers also played a game called horseshoes.

3. When soldiers weren't out fighting they played sports such as baseball and football. Football games usually ended with broken noses and fractured limbs.

Entertainment during the Civil Rights Movement

During the 1960's, while the Civil Rights Movement was going on, there were drastic advancements in entertainment such as:

1. The colored television was invented in the 1960's, which made news travel faster. People could watch professional sports which were broadcasted on live TV.

2. Many people also listened to music live in concert or over the radio. Some of the famous bands of the 60's were The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, The Yardbirds, and Led Zeppelin.

3. Drive-in movie theaters were very popular in the 60's.


Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan) by chruglatu
This Week in History: First Drive-in Movie Theater Opened

Entertainment during the Church Reformation after Vatican II

There were many changes as a result of the Vatican II. Some of these changes were:

1. Music in the church was usually Gregorian chants or in Latin, but changed to some of the music we sing now in Church.

2. The priest used to say everything in Latin, but after Vatican II they changed it to where the priest said mass in the common language of that area.

3. The priest would never face the audience when he was saying mass, but that changed to where he now faces the audience when he talks.


Gregorian chants-Regina caeli-www.mrtzcmp3.net by superjoe1


In conclusion, all three of these things caused a major change in entertainment. The Civil War lead to the game of horseshoes and card games such as poker. The Civil Rights Movement led to great music and the invention of the colored television, so everyone could watch the president give his speeches. Finally, if it wasn't for the Vatican II Council the Church would not be same Church the we know and love today.
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