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Getting Started

Thank you for choosing the law firm of Squisgar and Kha! We're here to represent you in civil lawsuits. Please read below to learn how civil law is carried out.

In order for either of us to be put to good use, there needs to be a complaint, which is a formal statement describing the lawsuit. If you bring up a complaint against someone else, then you are a plaintiff. If a complaint is brought against you and you receive a summons, which is a notice that you must appear in court on a certain date at a certain time, then you are a defendant.

If you are a defendant, you can have one of our attorneys answer to a complaint. The complaint and answer put together are called the pleadings. The lawyers on both sides gather evidence from the case and exchange pleadings based on the accusations. After that, the judge may have both parties in a meeting to clarify the differences and prepare for court, These are called pre-trial discussions.

If nothing is achieved in the pre-trial discussion, then we can offer a settlement. But if no settlement is achieved, then a judge is needed to arbitrate or mediate the dispute in the court! A trial will be held and a preponderance of evidence is required. That means that the plaintiff needs to present a certain amount of evidence to win a certain civil action. After the trial is held, the judge will make a verdict, and that's the end of the case!

After the verdict has been delivered, if you feel that something was handled incorrectly in the court, you can ask for an appeal. This means that the case can be brought to a different court to be tried again.

Thank you for reading this brochure, and remember, if you ever need an attorney, call the Squisar and Kha Law Firm in Gothenburg!