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Vernier for Science Teachers Learn Probe & Probeware

STEM Learning Science Focus - What does 21st Science Teaching Look Like?

Vernier . . . For Science teachers . . . Learning how to use Probeware!

"Hands-on science using Vernier's digital tools gets students excited about science and deepens their understanding of complex concepts"

"Studies cite a measurable increase in test scores with students who use probeware when compared to those who did not."

Session ID: 46426

Date and Time: Aug 22 ● 9a – 3:30p

Location: ESD 113

Instructor: Vernier Professional Trainer on site

Fee: $150 ● 6 clock hours

Attention: Middle and High School Science Teachers!

*Wondering how use probeware that you already have?

*Want to learn more about probeware and updates?

*How can probeware enhance classroom curriculum?

*Bring the probeware that you have and learn how it works or how it can be updated.

*Don't have any probeware products? Join us to learn about the range of products and practice with Vernier probes provided by the instructor.

Register at or click on the Session ID.

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Helping You Meet the CCSS Standards

Learn how to integrate the Vernier Probe into your classroom and help students work to meet the CCSS standards for Math, in particular --
"Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in the text"

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