The Split up

The split up me could never imagine. It all started at my house inside and outside of the house. At the beginning I was very shocked and sad. I didn’t think it was going to get that far. My brother Alexzander (3) didn’t really understand because he is little and my other brother (8) was confused because he thought our parents were happy. He was asking me “what’s going on Nyia”. I didn’t think my mother was that fed up that we were going to pack up and leave. First my mother and father were arguing. I don’t know what they were arguing about; I just heard a lot of fussing. Then he got in the car and lefty and didn’t come back for a while. When he finally came back we went to sleep. The next day I went outside with my friend and my momma was rushing me back in the house and we left and came to High Point. We went to my Aunt’s house and she was crying while my mother was explaining what happened. He isn’t in our lives.
Before the situation I was not really paying attention to the arguing but now I’m like wow! It has made me and my mother closer since this incident. Our bond is much closer, we hang out more and our communication is much better. I have learned

that things happen for a reason and I can still get taken care of whether they’re together or not. It probably will not impact my future because they are trying to work things out.