Women's Rights

Colton and Freedom

Why did this reform movement emerge?

Newspapers editors were so scandalized by the shameless audacity of the Declaration of Sentiments, and particularly of the 9th revolution, women demanding to vote. Men and Women have continued the call for full fledge women's rights in a number of venus, including voting, fair treatment in the workplace and reproductive and sexual freedoms.

Who are some famous people who are already involved in the movement?

Susan B. Anthony, fought women's rights and she was also really compassionate about nature and remained active in the women's rights culture until she died. Lucy Stone, helped found the american equal rights association. She also organized and was elected president of the new jersey women's suffrage association. Elizabeth Stanton wrote the declaration of sentiments which was a revolutionary call for women's rights across the united states.

What does this movement hope to accomplish?

The primary goal of the early women's movements was to earn women's suffrage. They also were fighting for equal rights as men and that means gaining property rights, work for equal pay and have reproductive rights.

What specific accomplishment has the reform movement already made?

- In 1869 the territory of Wyoming passes the women's first suffrage law. The following year women began serving on juries in the territory.

- 19th amendment (women earn the right to vote)

- They were allowed more job opportunities

- Women were allowed in politics

- Working conditions and wages were better for women

Why You should join the Women's Suffrage movement?

You should join the Women's Rights Movement act because, in the constitution, all, including women are equal. Put yourself in the following predicament, would you like to not be able to vote, not be free with your body, have lower wages and terrible working conditions? Probably not, so therefore, why should only men get to do that? Join the side so your wife, daughter, sister, cousin, mother, can join you at making the world a better place.