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School Routine

Our class has officially transitioned from our "Restaurant" unit into our third unit of the year: Grocery Store! The children have been busy creating props, displays, and lists for each of the 6 "grocery" themed centers in our class. Upon visiting our class during our Make Believe Play Block, you may find yourself encouraged to visit the bakery, floral department, deli department, produce department, or babysitting center. Don't forget to visit the check out lanes on your way out! Or, perhaps you'd like to help stock the shelves and unload the delivery truck in the loading dock?

During their play explorations, the children are taking on various roles--- delivery person, baker/chef, clerk, manager, custodian, customer, and more!

Consistency and routine are key in your child's development. Thank you for your continued support in striving for perfect attendance and having your child arrive to school by 8:50 (or 8:40 if they eat breakfast with us).

Arrival Time/Attendance

Please note, that our class goes outside promptly at 9 am (weather permitting). The children participate in Mystery Games at 8:50, so it is important that you have your child arrive to school on time by 8:50.

As per a new state guideline, our parking lot will be closed to vehicles while the children are walking from the building to the playground and from the playground back into the building. Due to this, if you arrive to school late, you may not have access to the parking lot. In the event the lot is closed off, please park on South 9th or South 10th and walk to the building. For the safety of the children and staff, please do not enter the lot from the parking lot exit or while children are present and visibly walking to/from the playground. Thank you!

Additionally, as we go outside at 9 am daily, please be sure to dress your child appropriately. A jacket is required daily, and gloves/mittens, hats, & scarves are strongly encouraged.

JLC Grocery Store

Take a peek below at some of the fun we've had in each center! Please note, if you don't see your child below, it is because we do not have your permission to share outside of classroom use. If you would like to change this, please see Miss Sammy or Miss Lesia!

Loading Dock/Babysitting Center

After reading many stories about where food comes from, we learned that food gets delivered to the grocery stores at their "loading docks". The children transformed our "car" into a delivery truck. They have been hard at work making hand trucks, ramps, and inventory lists of the groceries being "delivered" and "unloaded".

Bakery Department

The children have set up our bakery department, bringing over play dough and cookie cutters to use to create baked goods that need to be "cooked", "packaged", and sold to customers.

As the weeks progress, the children will follow visual recipes to create their own "dough", "breads", and "cookies". The children will also observe the effects of yeast when added to a batch a bread and when it is "forgotten".

While exploring in this center, the children will be learning about the "grains" food group!

Also, before winter break, the children will be creating their very own gingerbread display and making connections to the various versions of the story: The Gingerbread Man.

Floral Department

Produce Department

Very Busy Bees in our Produce Department! While interacting in this department, the children will be learning about the fruits and vegetables food groups!

The children worked hard to create their own 3-d representations of various fruits and vegetables that can be found in a grocery story. The children also observed photos of produce departments, including one from Whole Foods that has a "Smoothie Stand!" The children created their own smoothie recipes, and followed the recipes to use just the right ingredients in the smoothies the "customers" ordered!

To enhance our produce awareness...the children observed fruit and vegetables during Science Eyes and made friendship fruit salad the week of 12/1 and Veggie Soup the week of 12/8 !

Deli, Meat, and Seafood Department

While in the deli department, the children will be learning about the "Protein" food group. The children will follow directions to make various sandwiches as ordered by customers. The "clerks" will also weigh the crabs, lobsters, and clams for the customers.

Check Out Lanes

The children created their very own "ATM" machine and have been discussing how to take money out of the ATM to pay for their shopping trips.

The children are also planning their shopping trips as they look through circulars and create shopping lists.

The children work together to take on roles of "shopper", "cashier", "manager", and "bagger".

Story Labs

The Three Little Pigs

The children listed to various versions of the 3 Little Pigs and acted out the story using masks, blocks, and various props. The children also created their own artistic representations of their favorite house!

During a science experiment, the children observed the effects "wind" has on objects that are light vs those that are heavy/sturdy.

Gingerbead Stories

As we continue to learn about the bakery and baked goods, the children are reading various versions of the gingerbread boy including:
  • The Gingerbread Boy by Paul Galdone
  • The Gingerbread Man by Karen Schmidt
  • The Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett
  • The Gingerbread Girl by Lisa Campbell Ernst
  • The Cookie Boy by Liza Charlesworth
  • The Gingerbread Man Loose in the school by Laura Murray
  • The Gingerbread Man Loose on the Firetruck by Laura Murray
  • The Gingerbread Family by Grace Maccarone
  • Georgie the Gingerbread Family by Tim Bugbird
  • The Gingerbread Cowboy by Janet Squires

We also read along to the story online! Feel free to read at home by visiting:

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Thank you for your 2015 book orders!

Thank you to all that purchased from this year's Scholastic book catalogs. Your purchases got our program bonus points to be used towards new books for the school! Not only that, but you are setting the foundation to support your children in becoming life long lovers of reading!

Feel free to take a peek online at:

Our school code is: GPJG9

More book orders to come in 2016!


Special Dates to Keep in Mind:

  • Thursday, December 17: FREE DENTAL SCREENINGS & Educational Class for children
  • Gingerbread Activity Donations due: Friday, 12/18
  • Monday, 12/21: Noah's Ark Staff Holiday Luncheon---Parent Volunteers needed to watch a nap room from 12-1:30. Please see Miss Sammy if you are available!
  • First Day of Winter: 12/22--Wear blue or white to school!
  • PAJAMA DAY: Wednesday, 12/23
  • 1:40 Early Dismissal: Wednesday, 12/23
  • School Closings: 12/24-1/1: Have a very happy New Year! See you on 1/4/16

JLC Class Staff:

JLC Class

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