Come to Yumbo!

The city most industrial in Colombia


Is small, quite ugly, a bit pupulated, the people work so much in industries, warm, polluted the air, is popular. Is south west really Colombia, the atractions are the mountain.


  • There are two open bar. They are called "Babel" and "Guaro y Tequila Menga Discoteca". The best bar is "Babel" It is middle hour away from the center of the city located exactly in the Km 3 old road to Yumbo. There is a natural reserve. It is called "Refugio Corazones Verdes". It is located in the Calle la Fontana. There is one pool so important because the city is very hot. It is called Yumbopark. It is in the center of the city.


  • Metallic Estructures: These are objects of construction which is elaborated in Yumbo.
  • Corrugated Boxes: These are objects which is elaborated in Yumbo.
  • Soymilk This is a dairy which is prepared in Yumbo.


  • The Carnaval de "Blancos y Negros": This is a time when people play. On January 8th.
  • The Birthday of the Mayor: This is a time when all the people of the city is so happy because his Mayor is a good person and a birthday. On August 10th.
  • Religious Celebration Easter: This is a time when people pray and enjoy. On March 14th.


  • Mayor Fernando David Murgueitio: This is a person who governs the city with justice.
  • Parson Fray Alfonso de la Concepcion: This is a person who devised the flag of the city.


  • From the Chamber of Commerce of Yumbo go straight along five blocks turn left go up two blocks the hotel is on the corner.
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1. ¿How many rooms are there?

  • There are some room

2. ¿Hoy many storeys are there?

  • There are two storeys.

3. How many toilets are there?

  • There are a lot toilets.


1. How much amabily is there?

  • There is a lot amibility.

2. How much security is there?

  • There is a lot security.

3. How much prestige is there?

  • There is a little bit prestige.


1.How much is an one night in the hotel?

  • It is thirty euros, five cents.
  • It is twenty-five pounds, one pence.
  • It is fifteen dollars, thirty-five cents.

2.How much is the parking lot?

  • It is fifty euros, fifteen cents
  • It is fourty-seven pounds, fifty pence.
  • It is thirty-eight dollars, twenty cents.

Himno del Municipio de Yumbo