By Walter Dean Myers

Main characters

Steve Harmon (Protagonist). 16 Years old, He is very shocked and zoned out of the situation. he reminds me of my friend Miguel because he has also committed murder at his age. James King (antagonist), proper man/lawyer , 30's, serious, he reminds me of a law teacher, because of how serious he is

Protagonist problem

Steve Harmon, Protagonist of this story, has committed murder and robbery, is facing 25- life in prison. Killed a man named Mr. Lucian, a convenience store cashier

Protagonist Memorable Moment

Steve ,protagonist, Has a battle inside his head, he keeps telling him self "I am a monster"

Protagonist important action

He Pleads guilty and admits his crime and breaks his "shell"

Antagonist problem

James ,antagonist, Is Steves partner in crime but he later turns his back on Steve

Antagonist Memorable Moment

Making the protagonist life so miserable he could barely bare it. From being his buddy one day and helping him with the crime, to "backstabbing" him to avoid jail time

Antagonist important action

He frames him. Turns out the main character isn't the main killer but he has all the "evidence" on his hands.

Other characters on the main character

The other characters don't believe this and think this was a set up towards Steve. But the antagonist and his crew make it impossible for Steve to look Innocent