The Affect of Auschwitz

How Auschwitz changed the prisoner's lives.

How camp life changed the prisoners as a person

After being through what they were, the prisoners of Auschwitz were only worried about themselves. They were very selfish and didn't care about each other lives over there own. They would kill another prisoner for food or to take their clothes for warmth, and when someone died they would remove the bodies and leave them lying there.

As a family

Life at Auschwitz really changed their point of view of their family members. First of all, they were split up into two groups, boy and girl, so they are separated from their families. Second of all, they would turn on their family members for stuff like food or clothes so that they could survive. Others though, they learned to become closer with their parents and helped them get through it even though it was like going through hell.

As a Human

Most people know that regular human beings learn to respect each other and care for each other, but the ones at Auschwitz were changed completely. After being treated like a lower life form, the prisoners would turn against each other and forget about each other's needs. With the death all around them they didn't learn to care for each other because they knew where everyone would end up. With the constant smell of death and the disappearance of the people around them the Jewish prisoners really didn't worry about other people, and only of themselves. More like a turtle than a human.