yourWords Publishing Services

Proofreading and Copy-editing Resources

What we do...

Fast, accurate and outstanding value for money!

yourWords is a freelance provider of professional publishing services based in Derby, UK. We work nationally with a diverse range of authors, publishers, design/PR agencies and corporate/educational organisations; ensuring that their written work, regardless of content, is impeccably presented and the best it can possibly be.

The flexible option...

  • We’re skilled and experienced and we respond quickly to unexpected projects and tight delivery timescales at any stage of your production/publishing process.
  • You’re not responsible for payroll, tax, N.I. and on-site employee insurance/liability issues-using a freelance generally works out cheaper than hiring permanent in-house staff.
  • A freelance generally tends to be a more cost-effective option-you simply pay the agreed price for the work carried out.
  • We are completely responsible for the accuracy and quality of the work we deal with-you don’t pay for it until you are satisfied with it.
  • We don’t restrict our availability. All work is carried out regardless of time constraints like weekends and Bank Holidays.