Mrs. Robertson's Class Newsletter

The Weekly Seed: November 17th-25th

Upcoming Events

November 19th: Completed Interview Forms Due Back to Class

November 21st: Interim Reports come home

November 24th: Unit 4 Math Assessment

November 26th-28th: Thanksgiving Holidays

December 9th at 6:00 p.m. will be our Biography Wax Museum at MGES

Bringing Learning to Life

Exploring, Examining, Estimating and Engaging!

Math: This week in math, we are focusing our attention on rounding, estimating and making change! We are also learning to think like a mathematician! We are asking ourselves what question a mathematician might ask about a given problem and working to solve those with that thinking in mind. Some students are beginning a new math project on endangered animal species!

Reading: This week in reading, we are exploring biographies, their specific text features and how we read them differently than we read a fictional story. We are still practicing and using our knowledge of non-fiction text features to both comprehend and go deeper into the text that we are exploring or investigating.

Writing: Biographies will be the topic of our writing during the next few weeks as well. We will be studying informational text and how the structure of it looks different than the structure of a fictional story. Your children have interviewed a friend in the classroom and are practicing writing biographies based on the information they gathered. This is great practice for their Biography Wax Museum interviews and biographies.

Word Study: We will explore word sounds and spelling chunks this week. This a great tool for building students ability to spell, as well as understand word structure and use that to decode difficult words.

Social Studies: We are learning all about our government and why it is so important to us. We will be focusing on the voting process and parts of government. We will be able to see the voting process come alive right here at Meadow Glen!

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Brainpop Junior Video on Rounding

We've been learning about rounding and why it is important to us as mathematicians. Check out this brain pop video we watched and discussed on rounding to the nearest tens and hundreds place!

Cool and Kid Friendly Biographies!

This is a great website for students to become more familiar with both historical and current figures who have made a difference in our world today! Check it out together at home!