CERA Conference 2015

21st Century Innovation and Making Magic Happen

Five Attributes of Effective Formative Assessments

  • Learning Progressions: should clearly articulate the sub-goal of the ultimate learning goal
  • Learning Goals and Criteria for Success: should be clearly identified and communicated to students
  • Descriptive Feedback: students should be provided with evidence based feedback that is linked to the intended instructional outcomes and criteria for success.
  • Self and Peer Assessment: Important to think meta-cognitively about their learning.
  • Collaboration: classrooms that have teachers and students are partners in their learning.


Take Away Moments from Educators

* Digital Library: currently there is a SBAC (CDE) library that customers refer to which houses 2,600 documents already aligned, educator collaboration and designed to meet all teacher needs in all subject areas.

* A new paradigm shift that ALL teachers are teachers of language...even PE. In the Digitial Library "Understanding Language Module"

*Author, Milton Chew of Education Nation (Book)

  1. Six edges of Innovation any time, any place, any path, any pace.
  2. Thinking, Curriculum and Assessment, Technology, Time/Place
  3. Co-Teaching, Co-Learning, Youth
  4. Authentic Learning
  5. School life vs Real Life

* CAASPP Year One: Online and Opting Out

  • More than 3.2 million students assessed (CA)
  • Less than 2,000 paper based administrations

*Ongoing Improvements

  • Operational improvements planned for 2016
  • Re-examination of reporting systems and timelines
  • On-going analysis by CDE and ETS
  • Independent evaluator by Hum RRO

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Changes in the K-12 SIS Ecosystem

We are in the era of "Digitalization" in education.

Many districts looking to move away from the Business SIS system and interested in a Learning Management System (LMS) or even better an Instructional Management System (IMS).

The K-12 systems as a whole are looking for a stronger ecosystem that is robust not just competent.

Classroom should be the domain of the LMS and is a data driven decision making system.

But...is IMS the new merge of the SIS and LMS?? We think so and here is what's needed.

What is needed...

  • A strong algorithmic reporting system
  • Dropbox Function
  • Integrated grade book
  • Student & Parent Portal
  • Document Management
  • Ability to upload
  • Mobile application
  • Dashboard/reports
  • Analysis tools

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