Mintzberg's Managerial Roles

Danielle Ninedorf & Megan Fisher

Major Managerial Roles

  1. Interpersonal Roles
    - Managers talk to people
  2. Informational Roles
    - Managers collect and give information
  3. Decisional Roles
    - Managers make decisions


Figurehead: Represents the company in a public setting
Leader: Motivate and encourage workers to obtain goals
Liaison: Deal with people outside their unit
Monitor: Scan the environment as well as contact others for information
Disseminator: Share information collected with others in the company
Spokesperson: Share information with others outside their department or company
Entrepreneur: Adapt themselves and other to changes
Disturbance Handler: Respond to pressures/ problems that demand immediate attention
Resource Allocator: Decides who receives what resources
Negotiator: Negotiates schedules, projects, goals, resources and employee raises

Descriptions & Summary

In order for a company to run smoothly and accomplish goals, a manager needs to be able to work and communicate with people both inside and outside of their department or workplace as well as have the proper managerial skills needed to allow maximum workplace efficiency and/or profit.