Open House

Enter if you DARE

Halloween in Christmas..

Hello, and thank you for taking this flyer. First, I'd like to explain to you that this is not just any kind of snowy open house, but a HAUNTED House. I know many of you wouldn't be interested in some house that's hauted, but some are. Come and take a look, if you dare...

The Haunted Christmas Event

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 9am to Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 10pm

New York, IA, United States

New York, IA

Sunday we're not open.

Things to do

You have a choice of what you want to explore, but here are some options that I would want you to look at.

-The backyard, there is the creepiest lake out there.

-The kitchen (11 am - 1 am is lunch) and (5 pm - 7 pm is supper.) Very delicious food.

-The attic and or the basement. Of course those would be the creepiest in the horror movies.

-The rooms, where some scenes were.

Carol of the Bells - Dark Christmas Song (Piano Version)