Learn about the empire Pericles today!

The Father of Democracy

Pericles came along after a family was expelled, after that a form of democracy was established. There the highest authority in Athens was the assembly. The assembly was open to all ages over 18. The assembly was organized by a council of 500 citizens. Athens and it's country side were divided into 10 units. These people provided a list of the citizen's over 30 years old, from these lists 50 councilors were chosen by each unit.

Athenians were often late to meetings as they preferred to chat in the Agora or marketplace. When the assembly was to begin the city policemen walked rapidly across the square carrying a rope dripping with red paint. The only exit was the one that led to the Pnyx. Anyone who didn't move fast enough would get their clothes ruined.

Court cases were heard in front of juries of 200 people. The crimes that were tried in these courts ranged from personal grievances and theft to disorderly conduct and immoral behavior.

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Rebiulding Athens

Pericles believed the allies of the Greek city-states were paying for the defense of Greece after the war ended. He was able to use defense money to rebuild Athens. He began plans for the Parthenon, and moved on to make Athens the most beautiful and powerful of the Greek states. He made sure to use workers from his own country to build it up to greatness.

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