Rem, Reagan, Keenan, Donovan

Questions + Anwsers

1. What is the exact name of the disorder? The name of the disorder is hemophilia

2. How did they get it? How is it inherited? Hemophilia is inherited by an X chromosome with the hemophilia gene.

3. What caused it? What gene or chromosome is affected by this disorder? Hemophilia is the X chromosome that is affected it is caused by that gene.

4. What symptoms, side effects, or harm does it cause to

their body? Some symptoms, side effects and harm that hemophilia causes is bruising, bleeding, and blood not clotting.

5. What population is affected? Can anyone be a candidate

for the disorder?

Yes, pretty much anyone can be a candidate for hemophilia. Every 1 in 5,000 males have hemophilia and hemophilia is much more common in men than it is in women.

6. Are there any treatments, medications, or therapies available

to them? There is no cure to hemophilia but there are some medications that help control the bleeding, and leech therapy may help control it as well.

7. Could this disorder have been prevented? No, this disorder could not have been prevented because it is genetic the only way it could be removed is by gene therapy.

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