Mir Space Station

By Grace Tanner

What Is The Mir Space Station?

The Mir Space Station is a space craft orbiting the earth that astronauts can go and live and work in. They go up into space to study and learn more about the kinds of things that happen in space.

The space station was operated from 1986-2001


  • Heaviest spacecraft ever

  • First ever space station

  • Was the largest artificial satellite until the international space station

  • was occupied for twelve of it’s fifteen years

  • traveled about 15.7 orbits per day (17,200 miles per hour)

  • the cost was estimated to be about $4.2 billion over the time it was used

  • It was first owned by the Soviet Union, and then Russia.

  • was a place for research about space

  • was visited by astronauts from 12 different countries

  • Most of the people going into space and living in the space station where russians but because other countries collaborated, North Americans, Japanese, and some European astronauts were allowed to use it.