Saving and Investing

Rachel Arch

Why are Saving and Investing important?

Saving your money can be important because:

.It can help the economy grow

.Can help you reach goals ex:buying a house or car

.It can help you if you are out of a job, then you can you the money you have saved over time to help cover your expenses for the time being

. When you save your money throughout you life it can help you with retirement

Investing your money can be important because:

.Using the money you have already saved to earn even more money

. Can help retirement come faster

. Is an easier way of making more money instead of letting your money sit in the bank were it earns very little interest

Examples of Saving and Investing


-The greater the risk that you take, the higher chance there is that you will earn more money.

Liquidity- is the ease with which assets (ex: bonds, stocks, etc), can be converted into cash