Ebooks, iPads, and Arts - Oh My!

A Bunch of Stuff that Northcutt Shared at PD

Welcome to our June 3rd PD session!

I always hate it when I go to professional development and feel like I didn't quite write down everything that I thought was useful. Hopefully you'll be able to use this flyer as a resource when you have the time to explore some of what I've shown you on your well-deserved summer break.

Ebooks in Your Classroom

FollettShelf is Your Friend!

Our library's ebooks are available through the Destiny library catalog system using the username and password that you set up with Mrs. Northcutt. After logging into the catalog, you can do a general search of the catalog (print AND electronic items) or you can go specifically to the FollettShelf where the ebooks are located.

Some ebooks have only one copy and can only be checked out to 1 user at a time and others allow for unlimited simultaneous access. Most of the simultaneous access ebooks are nonfiction titles.

Ebooks can be accessed on almost ANY internet-connected device, including computers, iPads, and Nook tablets. Devices using the iTunes Store or Google Play store should download the BryteWave K-12 app to allow for offline reading. Using an ebook on your ACTIVBoard is a great way to facilitate having groups or the whole class read texts together!

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Need Help Accessing FollettShelf Online in a Browser or in the Brytewave App on a Mobile Device?

Download these flyers to help you use these tools!

iPad in Your Classroom

Well, What Do I Do With THIS?

You've had your school iPad for a while, but are you using it to its maximum potential? Not only can it be a powerful productivity tool for you, but it can also be great tool to demonstrate student learning.

Did you know that almost all of the multimedia and web-based learning entries for this year's Tech Fair were created using iPads? Apps like Puppet Pals, Toontastic, Chatterpix, Educreations, iMovie, Tellagami, and ShadowPuppet EDU created impressive projects!

Did You Know?

But I Only Have One iPad!

The library owns 10 iPads that can be borrowed, but not all of them will run modern apps. You can always arrange to borrow some or all of these devices by making a request at least 24 hours before you need them.

The library also has 10 Nook Tablets that will access web-based applications and many of our favorite iPad apps are also available through the Google Pay store and can be installed on those devices. If you'd like to have an app added to the Nooks, please request it at least 24 hours before you need to use it!

For specific ideas for making a single iPad useful in your room, please check out these links and - of course - a Pinterest board:

Arts Integration Tools and Tactics

Moving forward...

Next year we will need more evidence of the following to improve our scores in the Arts & Humanities Program Review:

  • Rubrics with feedback of products
  • Peer review of products
  • Self and peer assessment of products