Be A Hair Stylist! By:Amanda Messer

become an amazing hair stylist now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you know what a hair stylist does??? they cut,trim,highlight,remove,color,and style hair.Also give massages,apply make-up,paint nails,dress wigs, and provide skin care

. get paid $17,000-$27,999 if inexperienced or $35,000-$60,000 if experienced a year!!!

. all you need is a high school diploma!

. you will also clean tools, sell products, operate cash register, use tools such as straighteners and curlers.

. you don't have to move anywhere you can stay where you live, but you can move somewhere with a hair salon with better pay.

. some good skills you could use is math for measuring the hair cut lengths, beauty classes, chemistry, and English.

. you can also give facials

. some tools that you can use are scissors, a comb, hair products, blow dryer, curlers, straighteners, a hair brush, water, wigs, and many more!

reveiw from real Hair Stylist (Amanda Messer) :

There are some certain skills that you might need that I have that help me a lot SUCH AS.......... managing time, talking clearly, listening well, solving problems, great communication, and of course being able to style hair. This was one of my dream jobs because I love to style hair like mine, friends, family, or even strangers! This job is a perfect hobby for me!!!! I hope it can be for you too!!!!!