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Hi Redeemer Families,

I hope you enjoyed your week on BEING. It was great to have some time to practice ways we can be with God. This week we are focusing on FORGIVING.

FORGIVING is the theme this week! Sometimes kids find it easier to forgive than adults do! Forgiveness is something we start teaching our kids at a young age, because we can all understand what it feels like to be hurt by someone.

Forgiveness is something that is so easy to talk about, but really hard to actually do. For kids, we start with the importance of obedience before understanding. We don’t always understand completely how forgiveness works, or even why we need to forgive, but actually saying the words out loud and keeping them from getting revenge is the first steps in the lifelong lesson of practicing forgiveness.

Share your own personal stories of how you’ve been hurt and had to forgive. Use everyday events like someone cutting you off on the road or a mistake at a restaurant or even times when you have to break a promise you made to your child to talk through forgiveness. We forgive our children, and sometimes our children have to forgive us! When offenses happen in a family, use those as starting points to talk about forgiveness and healing.

Check out the discussion guid below for some questions for your family this week.

    Blessings on your week,

    Laura LeBaube

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    Let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family this week :)