An Interview with Mrs. Waggoner

By Carley Cook

About Mrs Waggoner

Shelly Waggoner is a relatively new teacher at Keller High School who has been teaching Career, Technology, and Education(CTE) classes for the past two years as well as helping with the Indiannettes this past year. Mrs. Waggoner has her bachelors of science developmental studies. Mrs. Waggoner teaches ninth through twelfth grade and has been doing so for the past two years as well as having her 1/2 year of student teaching.

Day in The Life of a Teacher

A teacher must be good at teaching, coaching, being a therapist sometimes, and must have a passion for wanting to teach because it is difficult more often than not. A teacher has to get to school early in the morning before all of the students, prepare for their lessons, sometimes does not get to eat lunch because they are busy preparing and leaves late at night trying to finish the day and prepare for the next. Mrs. Waggoner says that she can spend up to 45-50 hours a week during off season but during football season, she could spend up to 80 hours at school because she has to help train the Indiannettes, stay during the football game and afterwards to tell everyone what they did correctly. The biggest challenge of a teacher, in Mrs. Waggoners opinion is spending so many hours at school, but mainly trying to present information in a fun, knowledgeable way that students will remember for life after high school. To get through the difficulties of being a teacher, they must have a lot of self-motivation, which is one of the things Mrs. Waggoner says you should have to become a teacher, as well as a passion for teaching and willing to constantly learn ways to deliver lessons in intellectual but fun ways.