Body Weight Workout


Curl Ups

Curl ups help with your abs your, stomach mainly. These are the things you need to do for your curl ups.

1.Lay down on your back and crunch your legs together upward

2.Bring your head up as well as your stomach

(don't use your elbows or lift your feet ,because then your not getting a workout your just cheating basically)

3.As you go up go up slow and easy and hold it for 3 seconds

(your suppose to go up 30 degrees or less and hold it so you can feel the pull and burn)

4.Then go back down and stay down for 3-4 seconds to catch a breather

5.Never stop breathing it may seem crazy but breathe in and out as your going up and down

*Just never stop breathing*

Try to do 5-6 for beginners,7-9 for intermediate,and 10-14 for expert then take a 10-15 second break.

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Push-Ups help with your arms and chest,here is how you do it

1.First get down and hold yourself up with your arms with your body straight out like a board

(don't put your butt in the air stay straight)

2.Then now bend your arms and go down for 3-4 seconds

(go down to a 90 degree angle)

3.Then you come back up and rest for 2-4 seconds

As your doing your push-Ups your gonna feel the burn in your arms,and in your chest,and try to do at least 3-4 push ups and rest if your beginner,5-7 for intermediate,8-10 for expert then take a 15-20 second break.

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Squats help your butt,hips,and thighs.It pretty much help your lower body.This how you do it.

1.You stand straight up

2.Bend your knees down ward

3.Keep bending your knees until your in a sitting position

(or bend until your lower body starts to hurt and you feel burn,and try to keep going down until you are comfortable)

*remember dont squat all the way down just in to a sitting positon

4.Then come straight back up

As your going down in up your really gonna feel it in your legs .For beginners 3-6 intermediate 4-7 expert 8-10, then take a 20-25 second break.

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High Knees

High knees are good for things such as running speed, and flexibility. This is how you do it.

1.First your in a standing position

2.You raise your knee up

(don't bend down to meet your knees let your knees meet you)

3.Then but your knee back down then do your other one

If your considered a expert or an intermediate going into a expert try jogging in place but doing high knees while your doing it.

If your beginner 5-7 ,intermediate 8-12,expert 13-15 then take a 10-15 second break.

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What you should eat before during and after work outs

What you eat before your workout depends on how much energy you have during your work out.

Before your work out you should eat a little bit of fruit,vegitables protein,or a protein bar,you should also drink a little bit of water before your work out.

During your work out you shouldn't really eat anything unless your taking a break and that means you should eat a small snack like an apple or a little bit of fruit.You don't want to eat to much before or during your workout cause you could get sick if you eat to much.But also you should have water after,so at the end of every work out you can have a drink of water.

After your work out you should eat you should eat some protein and veggies after your work out, because protein is good for your muscles it helps yours muscles recover and grow,and you should eat some veggies because there good for you and your body

advice and motivation

If you feel like giving up during your workouts you shouldn't.You should keep going.Heres a quote that i found on google by an unknown Arthur "When you feel like quitting,think of why you started".That would motivate me.So don't give up keep going because in the end you will succeed. Here some advice never give up,keep working on it and it would became easier,and you can keep moving on up and you be in shape in no time.
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