Concentration Camps

Andrew Pearce Academic 3

Concentration camps are were 11 million people were killed in the second world war. When Hitler came to power in 1933 he blamed the Jews for the poverty in Germany. Hitler captured the Jews and sent them to concentration camps. The Jews starved and murdered at the camps. More than 11 million Jews were killed in the camps 5 million were children.

Concentration camps were consisted of barbed wire fences wood or brick barrack and gas chambers. the barracks were filled with roaches, rats and spiders The gas chambers were made with steel or concrete and sometimes underground. The Germans killed 8 million people with the chambers. During the last years of the war of the war camp population dropped due to starvation.

Concentration camps is were 11 million people died in the second world war. Hitler rose to power in 1933 with the Nazi group and blamed Jews for the poverty. Hitler broke into the Jewish houses and captured them. In 1945 the Allies liberated the camps and the prisonerswere released.