Jonah Lehrer

Is a plagerist

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There were many reasons that led to Jonah being caught for plagiarizing. One reason is that, "plagiarism caught up with him this shows how tempting plagiarizing can be", (Knight Errant).

Another reason for Jonah being caught for plagiarizing was that, "Jonah had a lot of promise and he was not living up to it, this shows how having a lot of promise is hard to live up to and a way of copping with this is plagiarizing, this is clearly not a good method", (James Lileks).

Jonah's opinion on plagiarizing was shown when he said, “A lie told well is just as good as the truth” (Jonah Lehrer). This shows that he believes that lying is okay, as long as you don't get caught. He took this risk when he plagiarized, but ended up getting caught.

How was he caught?

When people were looking at his articles they thought he was wrong so they looked him up and discovered that he had said people said things that they clearly did not end up saying.

Jonah Lehrer

Do Not Plagiaries or else that is what you will be know as for the rest of your life.

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Dont Do it!