Mt Hobson Middle School

Villa Education Trust

Thinking about the 2016 school year

Thankyou for the follow up to our first flyer, and the enquiries for places at MHMS for school year 7 - 10 students.

This update is to advise you, how the international enrolments are progressing, remembering each 2016 class has a capped number of students.

Full Time full year enrolments:

  • Students for Yr 11 [NECA Academy] - 4 places available
  • Students for Yr 10 [MHMS] - 3 places available
  • Students for Yr 9 [MHMS] - 2 places available
  • Students for Yr 8 [MHMS] - 3 places available
  • Students for Yr 7 [MHMS] - 2 places available

Classes start on February 3 2016 - I can process enquiries and enrolments over the coming weeks if need be. [See contact details below]. Looking forward to you phone or emails.

Short term enrolments:

These can be 1 month up to 1 term to enable a student to get a taster of life and education in NZ. These places are reflected in the data above.

Group enrolments:

During NZ term time for 1 or 2 weeks, mornings with ESOL classes and afternoon integrated into the normal school programme. We have a couple of spaces in the year that have not already been booked out as this structure fills up quickly.

During NZ school holiday times, morning with ESOL classes, afternoons with culture and sport intensives. These time slots are still open and available.

Contact details and response

Looking forward to your enquiries and filling these places quickly as the 2016 year marches upon us.

Appreciate your support and interest.

To find out more about the school and the international recognised achievements of the Founder Mr. Alwyn Poole click on the web site link below.

Trusting that the rest of the NZ summer break is relaxing and safe.


Dr. Bruce H Knox