Brief biography about me.

Malikabonu Azamova


My name is Malikabonu Azamova. I'm from Tajikistan. I'm interesting in drawing, Aikibudo, taking photos by a professional photographer, knitting national little socks "Jurabs". Also, I'm good at making different shapes with balloons and drawing on clay plates. My family made of 4 people. My mother Gulrukhsor Azamova, grandmother Muborak, grandfather Shakhobidin and me. My family encourage me to study and improving myself day by day. We support each other and love so much.


My dream is to be an architect. I also like drawing still life and making sketches. However, I am not just interested in simple drawing. I try to combine technology as well, that is why I also study digital art and how to work on graphic pen tablet. I am also interested in photography.

It has has to be mentioned that I am keen to move on to new challenges and expand my current experience.I want to be a catalyst for positive change. I want to build a magnificent mosque for people in my country. Also, build a hospital for children, who has disease of hearing bad, who has problem with their ear

My second mom is my grandmother Muborak!!!!

In that photo she is 50 years old. Now she is 63 but she still beautiful and amazing person. I love her so much she is supporting me from my childhood till nowadays. I'm so grateful for my God that I have such great grandmother like her. I love everyone in my family the same but she is the closest person to me. She is good listener, open-minded, supportive and kind. She always taking care about me even if she is disable she was cooking me very delicious dishes. And when I become an architect I will build a mosque for her name "Muborek"
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