Benjamin Franklin

by: Joshua Dinkel

How did Benjamin Franklin effect America. Among his many years


Attended school of Boston for 2 years. Quit school when he was 10. At 12 Benjamin became an apprentice for his brother who was a printer. Throughout Benjamin's life he received honorary degrees from Harvard, Yale, and the university of St.Andrews. Benjamin Franklin was also sought out for his intelligence and his way with words. His education Helped him express his ideas about American future and independence through sophisticated and convincing words.

Contributions to Change/Impact Life Events

Signed the Declaration of Independence. Started America on the path of modern electronics and innovation. Helped leak information a to the where about of British solders during the revolutionary war. These facts have put America where it is by our technological advances and our very own freedom.

Interesting Facts

Was a solder for the militia when he was 42. His military career effected America because without his experience the decisions he helped make in Congress would've been for nothing. He invented swim fins and the lighting rod. Benjamin Franklin also tried to eliminate the letters C, J, Q, W, X, and Y from the alphabet.


Pushed America to independence. He organized the first library and volunteer fire department. Discovered the potential of electricity. was one of 5 who drafted the Declaration of Independence. Helped draft the Articles of Confederation. Mapped the Gulf Stream. His advanced set of skills gave him his list of accomplishments and ideas and his determination helped him change America for the good.


Benjamin Franklin was one of 17 children. Had a son, William, and a daughter, Sarah, with his wife Deborah. Benjamin had another son Francis with another woman but sadly he died from small pox at the age of 4. His son William was a loyalist. His wife was very supportive and feed the fire to his thoughts on independence.


Benjamin was born In Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. He died on April 17, 1790 in Philadelphia at his daughter Sarah's house.