2A Classroom Update 6

Home of the Golden Lions

December 4, 2015

Dear Families,

Is it already December? We hope you all enjoyed the holiday break whether you traveled or rested and relaxed at home. We were happy to welcome students back.

Over the past few Wednesdays, we began experimenting with POD learning. Small groups, each with its own rotation based on the group members' needs, traveled around the classroom engaging in activities in writing, math and reading. The Golden Lions enjoyed the sessions and provided great feedback to make the time even more fun and valuable.

In math, we finished up our unit on measuring lengths. We began a new unit where students will focus on place value to 1,000 and representing numbers in different ways.

In writing, we continued working on our narrative pieces. We focused on revising our pieces. We looked at adding details that paint vivid pictures, "show, not tell", and help our reader connect to our characters. We also worked on including strong leads and endings and transition words that make our writing flow. We are currently beginning the editing process and preparing for publishing our pieces.

In inquiry we began our video project for the Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities unit. We watched PSA campaign videos to brainstorm how to compel an audience to listen to your message. Then we picked groups to work in based on our interests in the following questions (we generated the questions earlier in the unit): Do Rights, Rules, and responsibilities go with the learner profiles? Why are Rights, Rules, Responsibilities important? Why do societies have Rights, Rules, Responsibilities? How do leaders relate to Rights, Rules, Responsibilities? We began researching online to help us find answers to our questions. We will spend the remainder of the unit writing, rehearsing, and filming our video campaigns.

Have a great weekend,

Courtney and Zondwayo

Inquiry Unit- Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

Students look online for information to help them answer their questions related to rights, rules, and responsibilities and inspiration to create their videos.

Golden Lions of the Week

The November learner profile was Risk Taker and the December learner profile is Open-Minded.


  • Families are invited to our Fall Curriculum Share on Friday, December 11th. Students will share their video projects from our first Inquiry unit on "Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities."
  • Friday, December 11th is also our last swim day. Please make sure students come prepared to swim for our final session.
  • Parent Teacher Conferences will take place Wednesday, December 16th - Friday, December 18th. There will be no school on that Friday, December 18th. This is a great opportunity to sit down individually with us to discuss your child's progress, what he or she is working on in class, and how your child could be supported with this work at home. To reserve a time slot with us, enter the following link into your web browser: www.ptcfast.com/reg1. You will then be asked for an entry code, where you should enter: 69B1126097. Please reserve a slot no later than the day before the requested appointment date.
  • Families will be invited to our Narrative Writing Celebration where students will read their writing pieces that they have been working so hard on. It is tentatively scheduled for the Week of December 21st. More information to come!
  • The December birthday celebration is tentatively set for Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 12:30 pm. Families with students with December birthdays interested in coming can email our 2A class email.

Important Dates to Remember

12/11- Fall Curriculum Share

12/11- Final Swim Session

12/16-12/18- Parent Teacher Conferences

12/18- No School

12/21- Narrative Writing Celebration

12/23- December Birthday Celebration

The Specials Corner

¡2A is packing la maleta!

At this term of the year 2A is getting more and more confortable with the Spanish language. We have been growing so fast and are getting close to travel to México. During the past week we have been exploring clothes in Spanish. ¿Qué ropa llevas? Yo llevo un pantalón y una camisa. Our 2A is full of risk-takers, everyday we take a risk to read in Spanish and to understand new words. This week we are preparing our luggage (maleta) to travel. Our maletas are made with paper and our huge imagination. Our maletas are packed with appropriate weather clothes for México. Please continue to support our Spanish immersion process by exploring México homework.


A big thanks to all the students that worked hard on the GRACIAS installation. It was a total hit! You can take a look at your student picture in the lobby display.

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Rosado

Please enjoy the following pictures of the making of: La Maleta (luggage) and featuring tiny ropa (clothes). ¡Buen trabajo 2B!

A Science Update From Ms. Rosabal!

This week your second grade geologist is taking a break from excavating with the mineral gypsum (aka scraping rocks out of plaster of paris) to learn about the parts of a computer, specifically about the difference between a laptop and desktop device. And what better way to do this than to visit our wonderful operations staff--real live grown-ups at work on their desktop computers! Students got to visit the office next to the Studio Lab, watch our "Ops" team in action, and ask them questions about how their computer setup works and why the chose it. Shout-out to our amazing Ops team, and special thanks to Desiree, Matt, and Kia! It's so great when our Scientists get to be researchers out in the field to develop a real-life context for what we are studying! Great job this week, Golden Lions!

Groovin' With Ms. Siby

2nd grade dancers have been learning to follow rhythms in various genres of music, ranging from House to Afro-beat. Nowhere is their ability to follow the rhythm more evident than in their class choreography, which includes a Soul Train line. (Oh and we've done our research; how surprising to know some of our dancers own bell-bottoms!) 2nd grade dancers have also been perfecting their twisted, angular, straight, curved, symmetrical and asymmetrical dance shapes. As a result, they are able to replicate some pretty challenging moves performed by professional dancers such as Michael Jackson, Misty Copeland and Keone Madrid. Their growing ability to balance and sustain very tricky body shapes is amazing to see. Take a look!