Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

April 4, 2016

Stay Put Mode

Today there was a false alarm of a “parent in distress,” so as a precaution, while details were solidifying, I locked the front doors and positioned myself there until details were confirmed by AST that the issue had nothing to do with school and that it had been resolved. The incident lasted less than three minutes from notification to resolution and instruction was not interrupted.

This means we were in a "Stay Put" situation.

This is an opportunity to review some of our KPBSD emergency terms and procedures:

  • Stay Put: A “stay put” takes place when a potential threat is identified in the school’s neighborhood. All school doors are locked but classes continue inside as normal. No entry into or exit from the school is allowed. Students will not be released until the situation is resolved and the “stay put” has been rescinded.

  • Safety Closure: A “safety closure” takes place when a violent intruder is identified on school grounds or in the school building. The ALICE protocols will be followed. No entry into or exit from the school is allowed. Students will not be released until the situation is resolved and the “safety closure” has been rescinded.

  • Shelter-In-Place: A “shelter-in-place” takes place when students take refuge in designated areas to be protected from hazardous materials or severe weather. Entry or exit from the schools will be controlled.

District webpage:


AMP is canceled.


April 1, 2016

Department Cancels AMP and Other Computer-based Tests

JUNEAU – Concerned that repeated technical disruptions to computer-based testing this week have rendered the affected tests invalid, the Department of Education & Early Development canceled them for this school year.

Canceled are: the Alaska Measures of Progress (AMP), which are assessments in English language arts and mathematics for students in grades 3-10; alternate assessments in those subjects and grades for students with severe cognitive disabilities; and science tests in grades 4, 8, and 10.

“The purpose of assessment is to provide valid, useful results. To have valid results, all students must be given the test under the same conditions. At this point, some students have been interrupted by online connectivity problems while they tested, in some cases repeatedly. We cannot with certainty say that this year’s assessments will provide an accurate reflection of all students’ knowledge and performance,” said Dr. Susan McCauley, Interim Commissioner of Education & Early Development.

“I am not willing to keep Alaska’s schools in this state of uncertainty given that we do not know if or when we can resume testing successfully,” Dr. McCauley said. “We cannot allow students’ learning to continue to be disrupted. Teachers need to know how to prepare their lessons for the week ahead. Superintendents and principals need to know how to arrange their schools’ schedules and staffing.”

Computer-based testing in Alaska was interrupted Tuesday when a construction worker accidentally severed a fiber optic cable at the University of Kansas. The university houses the state’s testing vendor, the Achievement & Assessment Institute. Severing the cable cut the online connection between Alaska’s test-takers and the vendor. When testing resumed on Thursday, Alaska schools experienced interruptions in the connection, and they reported that some students’ answers had been lost.

“Statewide assessments are an important source of information about student achievement, but only when the results are valid,” Dr. McCauley said.

This was to be the last year for the Alaska Measures of Progress. The department will request proposals for a new test to begin in spring 2017.

Up coming events


12- Pre-K Screening

14- Volunteer Celebration 4pm

19- PTO Meeting 4pm

25- Site Council Meeting 4pm

4/25-5/8/2016 - Public Library Book Fair

26-27 - 6th grade to Kasitna Bay

29- Masonic Award Ceremony 6:30pm KCHS


3- K-3 Concert - 2pm

4- Early Release 2:05 pm

4- 4-6 grade concert 6:00 pm

5 - Kindergarten Visitation

5- Title One Family Night

6- 6th grade to Skyview 9:30am


9- Lynx Track Field trip (Hopkins/Fowler Ninilchik)- Pre K stay for lunch

10- Lynx Track Field trip (Blossom, Ninilchik)- Pre K stay for lunch

11- Salmon Celebration- Lynx track (Michael/Bosick, Nikiski)

12- Lynx track (Gossett/Mills/Werner, Nikiski)

13- K-1 to Soldotna, Field trip to Library, Fire Station, and Park

16- End of Year Assembly -10am

16- 6th Grade Graduation - 2pm

17- 6th Grade Egg drop and bridge demo- 10:00am

17- K-3 to Johnson Lake

17- Talent Show - 2pm

18 - Field Day 9:30am - BBQ lunch- Report Cards Home- Student last day

19- Teacher In-Service and check out