Interpersonal Skills and Diversity

By: Kayla Gaudreau

Digital Etiquette

  • 'Netiquette' which is the right way to communicate to people online . So the proper and polite way.
  • Always be focus and aware of what you are doing
  • Check spelling and grammar.
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Social Networking

  • Allows you to connect with others
  • Don't just share all the information , keep some private.
  • Don't use personal sites that use information while at school and work
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  • Proper way to behave around people .
  • Varies around different countries and cultures.
  • ALWAYS do research before traveling , many places have different customs and beliefs.
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  • Untruthful talk between people.
  • Usually rude and harsh.
  • Destructive at the work place and at school and even in public.
  • should ALWAYS be avoided.
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  • Ability to keep yourself calm and to be sensitive in a difficult situation.
  • Making sure that things that are said and done are appropriate.
  • By saying the right thing at the right time.
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