Isabella Farewell

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Getting There

It will take approximatly 45 minutes to get to the airport. I will arrive at the airport 1-2 hours early for bag checking and passports. I will then get on the plane at 3:00 to fly to Houston for a 1-2 hour layover. During that layover I will pick up some food and snacks for the flight. At 9:15 I will departure from Houstan onto a 10 hour flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. When I land I will pick up my bags and go to the car rental place and pickup my rental car and head to the hotel.

Where to Stay

I will be staying in the Orla Copacabana Hotel. Near to the beach and rainforest so that I do not go too far from my hotel and try to not get lost by going to far. This hotel includes a breakfast buffet. A resonable sized room with an ocean view. Close to places where that I am visiting.


I will be visiting the beach, the Christ statue, and the amazing forestry in Brazil while also seeing all the animals in the forest but while also seeing all of the features of Brazil.

History and Culture

Many black slaves went to Brazil.

These slaves came to either hide or work for the country.

Coffee became a very popular export.


I may have problems with not having enough money and/ or having enough time to see everything that I want to. I have solved this problem by managing how much money I can spend at each place.


I chose to go to Rio de Janeiero, Brazil beacuse I wanted to experience the animals and culture of Brazil and also to learn about if I would want to go here in my future.

About the Traveler

Isabella Farewell has never traveled out of the United States before. She lived in Colorado till she was about two but then moved to Missouri for about 10-11 years. She now lives back in Colorado since about two years ago. She likes to relax and have fun on her vacations and likes to spend time with her family at beaches, water, and in the sun rather than in the cold.
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