Brittney Elizabeth Van Calcar

This is Me

My Various Identities

Older Sister, Younger Sister, Middle Child, Irish, Albanian, Austrian, Dutch, Athlete (Soccer, Lacrosse), Jersey Girl, Student, New York City girl, Lifeguard, Babysitter, Traveler, Undecided, Northerner, Cousin, Friend

The Influential People in my Life

My Parents

My parents are definitely greatly responsible for the person I am today. They are responsible for teaching me manners and morals as well as how to work hard. I am so lucky to have both a mother and father that have always been there for me. I can only hope to someday be as good of a parent as they were to me.

My Grandparents

Both my grandfathers came to America with absolutely nothing. They both paid their way through college and got jobs that would be able to pay for their families of 7 in a beautiful and safe neighborhood that I myself had the luxury of growing up in as well. I am so lucky to have grandparents that played such a large role in me growing up (as both sets of grandparents lived in the same town as me).

My Cousins & Sisters

My cousins and my sisters I consider to be my best friends. I always have the most fun when Im with them and I trust them with everything. They are my favorite people in the world and when Im home they're the people Im around 24/7. I can't imagine what my life would be like if they lived across the country or even the next county over. I am so lucky that all my cousins live either in the same town as I or in the next town over.

My Family (Mothers Side)

Influential Experience: Highschool Mean Girls

A lot of girls in high school gave me a hard time for reasons I didn’t understand and for the longest time I was hard on myself because of it. Being around people that were quick to judge me helped me become a better person in that I feel like I’m a much more open minded and accepting person. I don’t treat people based on rumors, I treat people as I find them.

Who I Am Now


Fun Loving





Perfectionist (when it comes to projects & art)



My Gal Pals

What I Aspire To Be

1. More confident when speaking in front of a group of people. Im able to express myself through art and writing but for some reason when it comes to speaking aloud in front of an audience I have a difficult time connecting my ideas and making a point.

2. A college graduate

3. Doing something I love

4. A good mother