Quaternary Time Period

By: Abby Blint

What was the Climate and Environment like ?

Climate was cold and every once in awhile it would warm up but the coldness caused a series of ice ages. About 22,000 years ago, glaciers covered approximately 30 percent of Earth’s surface. Ahead of the glaciers, in areas that are now Europe and North America, there existed vast grasslands known as the “mammoth steppes. The winter snow cover was quite shallow.

Some Major geologic events in the Quaternary time consisted of

Ice ages occurred frequently, plates collided, sea level rose once in awhile.

What dangers might travelers face?

They will face an abundance of large animal predators, and the coldness but you will need to bring everything that you need to be prepared.

What do you need to be safe and comfy

Dominate organisms living there including plants and animals

Woolly mammoth, saber tooth tiger , enormous herbivores , mastodon, giant bison and woolly rhinoceros such as saber toothed cats, cave bears and dire wolves are some of the animals and some of the plants are mosses, sedges, shrubs, lichens and low-lying grasses but plants change during the climate but these animals and plants are the most common in the Quaternary Era

What might travelers what to see?

The different types of animals in the Quaternary Period. They might also like to see the plants and insects of that time. They could see the Great Lakes gradually form too. The many glaciers can be seen almost everywhere. Later in time you would be able to see the ice starting to melt forming larger oceans than before.