By: Brandy Nauman

Theme 1: Fight for what you believe in.

Allie and Nick got into a car crash and did not want to accept the fact that they had ended up in a place that was called limbo. So they decided to try and get back to their own houses in the real world. They end up meeting Leif who has been an afterlife (stuck in between life and death) for hundreds of years, he told them they cold not go on the normal ground anymore, and are only allowed to go on dead spots. For example old buildings that have been destroyed, or torn down. When they got to the World Trade Center they met the leader Mary who took care of all the younger kids that ended up there, and she said that they should not go back to their own houses. The kids did not want to take no for an answer, so they decided to figure out a way to get back home themselves.

Theme 2: Never take anything for granted.

Nick and Allie were just on a simple car ride with their families when the accident happened. They never would have thought that their lives could end so soon, when it had just barely begun. Even though they ended up in limbo which meant that they could still be alive, but just in a deep sleep. This story shows that you should make sure to live your life to the fullest because you never know when it could come to an abrupt stop.

How the themes relate:

These themes are related because you should never take anything for granted, it was exactly what was meant to happen even if it doesn't make sense right away it will later on in life. Just remember how in one moment your life could change because of something you did that you believed in, but make sure not to regret it since it was your ultimate decision.Which also means you should fight for what you believe in just like how Allie and Nick didn't want to stop trying to get home, even when Mary told them it was a bad idea. Don't take it for granted because in the end if you were fighting for something there was a reason for it just like how the kids only wanted to get home to see their families again. Do not take your life for granted when you never know how fast it can all be gone.