VCR Lesson 8 Presentation

Madeline George

Fill in the Blank

The king was seeking ________________ when he announced to his people that it was his sins that had caused the plagues on them and that he takes full responsibility for the lives lost and will do whatever he has to do to make up for it.

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noun: delievrence from sin; atonement for guilt

Retrival; reclamation; reformation

The root word Emptum is Greek for "to buy"






evil doings




Most commonly used when referring to Christian ideas of redemption and delivering yourself from sin. "Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil"

Commonly seen with words like seek and find

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Redeem- Most common form

Can mean you are exchanging one thing for another

Redeeming a prize from a coupon

Choose the sentence that uses the word incorrectly

A. When he visited the church he was seeking redemption for his unfaithfulness to his wife.

B. The man sought redemption when he bought his wife flowers after forgetting their anniversary.

C. The priest wanted redemption for himself after reading the bible to the children's school.

D. After spending countless hours apologizing for standing his date up he realized that he was past redemption in her eyes.

correct answer C