Keep Moving forward with FDR

Make America Great Again

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Employing Our Young Men

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) puts young men to work in rural conservation projects and reduces unempolyment

Protecting Your Money

The Federal Deposit Insurance Commission (FDIC) backes all bank deposits up to $2500. That's right your money is safe now and you don't have to worry about the banks failing which they won't anymore.

Supporting Unions

The National Labor Relations Act unathorizes employers to allow to force you to unionization. Now you can nagotiate your wages

Helping You Out Directly

The Federal Emergency Relief Act provids direct relief, training and work for unemployed Americans.

Supporting The Elderly and Unemployed

The Social Security Act now helps the elderly and the unemployed get benefits like money to get by these hard times.

By Re Electing FDR the united States Can Keep Moving Forward