Reminders About First Day of School

August 14, 2020

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How does my student get logged into his/her computer?

Passwords did not reset from last year. Students have the same login and password to get into any device, program, etc. If a student wishes to reset his/her password, s/he can do so using Password Self-Service.

If a student has tried but does not remember his/her password, s/he should send an email to and request a reset. When sending this email, include the student's full name and student ID to ensure that the reset can occur quickly.

If your student is a freshman and just received a new device, you should follow the instructions that were placed in the bag. These will walk you through all that you need to do to load the computer up and get logged in.

How will my student know where to meet his/her teachers for classes?

All teachers for every class will place the link to their class session in Canvas under the "Announcements" page. For example, if a student has Biology for 3rd period, the student should go to his/her 3rd period Biology Canvas web page, and he will find either A) a Google Meets link or B) a note to meet in a Canvas Conference in the Announcements page.

Remember that all blocks will start at the beginning of their assigned time and start with synchronous instruction. See below for when each block starts.

What if my student forgot how to access Canvas to find his/her courses?

Instructions on how to access Canvas are directly below this, including where to find the Canvas homepage for any class and how to locate the Announcements page. The instructions are in both English and Spanish.

How to Enter Canvas and Find the Announcements Page

What time do classes start? What if we don't remember if it's an A or B day?

This one should be easy! We have put the daily bell schedule for classes and our A/B calendar on our website under the Remote Learning tab. You can also find it in the HS Remote Learning Reference Guide. It is on our website. Plus, I'm attaching .pdf copies below for you to print or save. We really want to make sure that the Thunder students make it to every period of every day on time!

What if my student will be absent?

Students are expected to log in and be in attendance for each class, every day. As such, parents and guardians must call our Attendance Office prior to 10:00 am on the day of the absence to ensure that it is excused.

Woodstock North High School Attendance Line--(815) 334-2400

What should we do if my student didn't pick up his/her books, computer, or supplies?

If you were unable to attend either of the two pick-up days this week, we will be arranging with you to get your student's materials, supplies, books, and anything else over the next few days. While parents and students are not allowed in the building right now, if you call us, we will arrange a time for you to drop by and get all your things. Remember our office is still open to take all of your questions by phone, 815-334-2100. More information will be coming out about this for those who weren't able to make it up to our pick-up days.

What if my Senior isn't using a D200 device?

This year, we realize that many of our Seniors were working from their own devices. We had originally planned to be able to switch them all to a device from D200. But as it turns out, they can be just as successful from their own device unless they have some special circumstances with their particular course load. We are hoping to talk to every Senior today during materials pickup to assess their needs for a D200 device. Many AP students that are Seniors will need a D200 device to assist them in using AP Classroom and doing AP testing (if it becomes necessary). Students should not plan to do all their school work from a smartphone (it's just too hard)!

If your student has no device at home--neither a personal device nor a D200 device--please let us know immediately. We want to make sure that your student gets to class right away, so we'll see how we can help!

Where is that HS Remote Learning Reference Guide again?

This reference guide has a ton of information about how to make eLearning successful for your student. You can find it right here: HS Remote Learning Reference Guide.

Or, you can find it under our Remote Learning tab on our website.

Daily Bell Schedule and A/B Calendar--Printable .pdf

Did you miss our Open House presentations?

If you missed our presentations, they are still available on Facebook for you to watch the full video. However, if you would like to just look through the slides, they are below as a pdf that you can download, or you can go to our website and look at them there.