Romeo Montague

Character Connection

Act 1, Scene 5

During the Capulet's party Romeo says, "Beauty to rich use, for earth too dear", he says this to a servant man because he has just saw Juliet for the first time and has fallen in love just from the sight of her. Showing that Romeo falls in love too easily (Shakespeare 45)

Act 2, Scene 2

In the balcony scene, "Thy propose marriage, send me word tomorrow", Juliet is asking Romeo if he wants to marry her. This shows that they are taking things too quickly and need to think about what they doing (Shakespeare 144-144).

Act 2, Scene 3

Romeo says,"Then plainly know my hearts dear love is set on the fair daughter of Rich Capulet. As mine is on hers, so hers is set on mine". Romeo tells the friar this so that the friar will marry him and Juliet. Showing that he is in love even though hes known Juliet for like a day (Shakepeare 57-60).

Act 5, Scene 3

In Juliet's tomb, Romeo says, "Thy drug use quick thus with a kiss I die," Romeo took poison to kill himself because he saw Juliet dead, but she was alive. This shows that Romeo was too in love and didn't think about his actions (Shakepeare 130)