San Diego Scoop

September 2018

Mark Your Calendars!

September 4th: Track C Begins

September 14th: Learning Period 1 ends for Track B/C

September 21st: Back to School Bash Hoedown

September 28th: End of Learning Period 2 (All Tracks)

Back to School Bash Hoedown

Our Big Back to School Bash is just 3 weeks away. You're not going to want to miss it! Be sure to check out this website for more information including the RSVP form, time, location, and much more! We look forward to seeing you all there!

Work Samples

There are two learning periods that end in September! That means that two sets of samples must be submitted to your homeschool teacher this month. Work samples are a great opportunity for you to share some of the amazing things your student is doing. Because these samples are the portfolio that demonstrates proof of work for your student, be sure what you submit is clear, complete, and includes the needed information. Just a few reminders about samples:

  • For TK-8 grade students, one sample must be provided from Language Arts, Math, Science OR Social Studies (History)
  • For High School students, one work sample for each course must be provided
  • On each work sample, the following information MUST be included: First and Last Name of student, sample completion date (must be within the learning period), and proof of parent review (grade, percentage, fraction, etc).

More information about work samples can be found HERE on the San Diego Parent Resource site, including templates for photo samples.

Parent Portal and Attendance

With the end of the learning period also comes the time to claim attendance. Attendance must be claimed the last day of the learning period. This will be done online through Parent Portal. Your teacher can provide you the link needed to get you to Parent Portal as well as your username and password if you need it. Look HERE to find a helpful PDF with the steps to claim attendance, the links to Parent Portal, and a helpful video about all the new tools Parent Portal has to offer this year- including the ability to print report cards, unofficial transcripts, checking your students courses and more.

Sign Here....and Here....and Here

At the beginning of every school year, the school collects data and forms that ensures that we receive the correct funding so that we can support our students in their homeschooling journey. Your teacher should have reached out to you already requesting the information and forms needed by Inspire. Please be sure to get them submitted as soon as possible. The forms include the Household Data Collection form (different form for each scope- South and Pacific Coast Academy), a Handbook Signature Page, information about active military service of parents and guardians, a media waiver, and a high school proctor form (if applicable). Some of these forms can be submitted through Parent Portal and others are not available through there. Please reach out to your homeschool teacher if you need any help or copies of the forms.

10 Tips for a Successful Homeschool Year

Last Friday, August 31st, one of our teachers, Marlena Wood, presented 10 Tips for a Successful Homeschool Year. If you weren't able to make it, you can find the recording HERE. It was a great opportunity to get some tips and encouragement as the school year begins.

Curriculum Resources

Suggestions? Feedback?

If you have suggestions or feedback on how we can help to support you in your homeschooling journey, let us know!