The Midwest Region of the U.S.

Critical Analysis of Minnesota and Wisconsin

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Physical Characteristics

The Midwest Region of The United States holds many landforms.

Some Include:

- The Mississippi and Missouri River

- Knob Creek

- Ozark Ouachita Highlands

- The Great Lakes located near Michigan and Wisconsin

- The Great Plains in the lower areas of the Midwest

- Mostly flat plains good for farming

History of the Midwest

-In about 10000 B.C. the first American Indians arrived in the region of the Midwest, creating lives and settling their homes.

-Monks Mound in modern day Illinois is finished in 1200, which marks the high of a Mississippi culture.

In 1673, Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet explored the Midwest and Mississippi river. This land belonged to New France until 1763.

-1787, the land east of the Mississippi passes to the United States and the Northwest Ordinance is passed to organize and govern the settlement.

-In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase places the Midwest region east of the Mississippi under the U.S. control. Louis and Clark start their expedition in 1804.

-John Deere develops a steel plow good for cutting through the Midwest soil in 1837.

- In 1850, the Midwest gave birth to The Republican party to oppose slavery.

-In 1872, Montgomery Ward started the first mail order catalog and develops a business to serve million of rural town citizens.

- The Union Stockyards in Chicago Illinois slaughters 9 million animals a year and becomes know as the "hog butcher of the world" in 1890.

- In 1908, Henry Ford introduces the first Model T Automobile, innovating transportation and industrial works.

- Motown Records is founded in Detroit in 1959.

- In 1973, the Sears tower is completed and is the tallest building in the world for over two decades.

Industries and Agriculture

The Midwest holds vasts amount of farm land used for agriculture, which is one of their major economic powers. For over 200 years, a very substantial part of their land and citizens are dedicated to farming with the rich soil present there. Along with that, animals are present in the numerous dairy farms located across the region.The nice climate and rainfall patterns affect what may grow in each area of the Midwest, that is why there are "belts" dedicated to growing things and livestock. They are called the Corn Belt, Wheat Belt, and Dairy belt and they provide the foundation for the Midwests economy. Also, the Midwest has a large manufacturing industry that affects the rest of the states due to it being larger than most areas. They also export a lot of goods and materials to gain revenue for their economy.

The Culture

The Midwestern culture, also known as "America's Heartland", shows an array of political views, social standings, and educational values. Midwestern citizens tend to be cautious of politics, but often question many values. The Midwest also presented one of the two major political parties, the Republican Party. This party was originally created to oppose slavery. Also, a major political and social disruption occured are the turn of the century called the Progressive Movement were farmers and merchants were set on making the government less corrupt. Next, a large social issue would be the problem of racism remaining in Chicago and Milwaukee of the Midwest. There have been "race riots" and still these places remain some of the most segragated on earth. Also, there are closed societies that newcomers to the Midwest describe as,"..hard to make friends in such as social diverse place." However, many Midwestern citizens welcome people with open arms and are straighforward with how they feel. Lastly, some famous Midwestern citizens include Madonna from Michigan, Chris Farley the actor from Wisconsin, and John James Exon the senator from South Dakota.

Places to Visit

In the Midwest, there are many unique places to encounter and enjoy. Some include Chicago with its architecture, art, and many unique festivals. Also, the famous Gateway Arch of St. Louis is said to have breathtaking views and is sure to provide excitement. The Henry Ford Museum located in Detroit Michigan also is a major tourist attraction that gives a perspective into the building of the first modern automobile. Lastly, The Mall of American located in Minneapolis gathers tourist from all over the world with this grand shopping experience.

All About Wisconsin

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Wisconsin State Flag

Shown above is the official flag of Wisconsin. At the very top of the shield is Wisconsin's state motto, "Forward!". The Badger is also represented due to it being the state Animal. Lastly, the sailor and miner show that the citizens work on both land and water.

State Facts

State Abbreviation- WI

Capital- Madison

Largest City- Milwaukee

Area- 65,503 square miles

Population- 5 742,713 citizens

Resident Name- Wisconsinites

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State Nickname- The Badger State

State Motto- "Forward!"

State Song- On, Wisconsin!

State Bird- Robin

State Tree- Sugar Maple

State Flower- Wood Violet

All About Minnesota

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Minnesota State Flag

The above picture represents the state flag of Minnesota. The outer wreath is made from the state flower, the pink and white lady slipper. Also, throughout the flag there are three important dates woven into it. They are 1858, the year that Minnesota became a state. 1819 when Fort Snelling was established, and 1893 when the flag was officialy the state flag.

State Facts

Abbreviation- MN

Capital- St. Paul

Largest City- Minneapolis

Area- 86,943 square miles

Population- 5,420,380

Resident Name- Minnesotans

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Nickname- Gopher State, North Star state

Motto- "L 'Etolie du Nord" The Star of North

Song- Hail Minnesota

Bird- Common Lood

Tree- Norway Pine

Flower- Pink and White Lady's slipper

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