Shepard Staff Updates

August 31, 2018

To Do, Congratulations and Thank You's

To Do (New):

1. Keep handing out Patriot Points and Patriot Pats - we want to keep reinforcing all of the great things we are seeing on a daily basis around campus!

2. T-TESS Goal Conference times will be emailed out ASAP. If your conference time doesn't work for you, let Kristin or I know!

3. Truancy information is located in the google folder at Diana or I will get in touch with you if you have students who have attendance issues to be addressed.

4. Email your department or specialist schedule to Kristin and I. All grade levels schedules are updated in the master schedule - please double check the times here:

5. I am out Tuesday-Thursday at AEL training at Region 10 - email me (I will have my chrome book) if you need anything!

To Do (Rolled over from last week):

1. The information about T-TESS goal setting was sent out in an email, but I am also posting it here - Goals are due by September 7th.

2. Consider joining PTA!

Congratulations and Thank You's:

1. A HUGE thank you to Diane and everyone else who contacted parents about back to school paperwork - we are 100% complete!

2. Jayme Lynch had two baby boys - Rhett and Reed yesterday afternoon! I am attaching a photo, so we can all see those sweet angels!

3. 4th grade made breakfast for our 5th grade team on Shelby's last day - so kind and thoughtful!

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Upcoming Dates

September 3 - School Holiday - Rest and Recharge!

September 4-6 - Kate out at AEL Training at Region 10 - Email me if you need anything!

September 5 - UBD Phase 2 Planning (3:05-5:30)

September 7 - T-TESS Goal Setting due

September 10 - T-TESS Goal Conference window opens

September 12 - Team Leader Meeting (3:05-4:00)

September 13 - Sock Hop (6:00)

September 20 - SEL Parent Education Session (6:00) FYI - We had to change the date due to a scheduling conflict!

September 21 - Last day for T-TESS Goal Conference

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T-TESS Goal Setting

Information to access your goal setting:

1. Access it here:

2. Make sure to update your profile even if everything is staying the same

3. Teachers will need to upload their TPG/SLO in Strive using these specific instructions: Click Sheet for Entering Goals

4. BOOKMARK this professional learning page as it contains important T-TESS resources for principals and teachers:

Key Upcoming Dates:

TTESS Orientation Refresher: Completed on campus by August 10, 2018 – DONE! WOOHOO!

Goal Setting:

Teachers submit completed TPG/SLO in Strive by Friday, September 7, 2018

Administrators complete goal-setting meetings and approval of goals in Strive by Friday, September 21, 2018

Observation Window: August 27, 2018 – April 18, 2019