Spurs Library News February

Steubing Ranch Elementary

What happened this past month?

Third grade students were in the library researching Rapid Changes on Earth. The students used a wide range of digital resources to learn about volcanoes, hurricanes, blizzards, to name a few. Students spent the day in the library to go through the whole Guided Inquiry process.

While students were learning about natural disasters, our library was going through a large weeding project. Our goal is to weed out books that stay on the shelf for 3 or more years, and replace with more current literature. We weeded over 4500 books and will work to replace with selection of Spanish and English print. Thank you so much to the Library Processing Department for helping with this task. What could have taken me weeks, took them 2 1/2 days! Thank you so much!

What is coming next?

February is BOOK FAIR month! Yeah. We will be having book fair Feb. 22-26! The theme is Peace, Love, Books! How appropriate!

In Kinder we are beginning with mini lessons preparing them for their research later this spring. Students are understanding nonfiction, text features, sources of information, and taking notes.

First grade get to study and have some fun with the President's Day holiday. We are comparing two stories and learning some President's Day facts along the way.

Second Grade is also preparing for their recycle research unit by coming in for mini lessons on what are sources of information and how to note-take!


Our OverDrive (digital book) stats during the first few month of school were amazing up to 400 to 500 ebooks. This past month we were at 36 books checked out. We have more than 950 students here at SR. OverDrive is another wonderful way to read books digitally. Look at it as students can have access to up to 8 books. I encourage students, teachers, and parents to look at the collection of eBooks that this district has. To log on all you need is your student ID. Parents can get an account too... Come by to see me!

Library Information


  • Check out stats for :

Kinder: English-308, Spanish-76

First: English-1122, Spanish-355

Second: English-818, Spanish-170

Third: English-1125, Spanish-200

Fourth: English-1334, Spanish-159

Fifth: English-203, Spanish-5

Teacher Books and Resources: English-75, Spanish-10

Totals: English-4985, Spanish-975

  • In the month of Jan. we had only 36 OverDrive check outs. Our numbers have continued to drop. I encourage parents, students, and teachers to check out more books in OverDrive. Please see info above. You can check out up to 5 books!
  • Third grade research.
  • K-5th grade classes attend weekly or bi weekly to check out books.