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Sunday, September 18 - Unit IV

Parent Observer Access

Parents - You are now able to create and Observer Account. Find a video with more details HERE. Detailed instructions, including screenshots, for signing up for an Observer Account is accessible by clicking HERE. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the sign-up process or run into any technical difficulties, please contact the NCVPS Help Desk.

A little extra help for you.

I've created a LiveBinder of resources for our course. Come HERE to find vocabulary flashcards, translation help, Live Class recordings, and more!

Also, if you are still working on Unit III, I have a recording for you to help with the Sabine Women translation. Find it HERE.

If you still owe the Trojan War Wiki Assignment...

Here are some instructions to help.

You may:

1. Write a two paragraph essay from the viewpoint of a Greek soldier in the horse.

2. Read Book VI of the Aeneid and share what you think of Aeneas using specific examples from the poem.

3. Create a Toondoo comic to retell part of the Trojan War. You can embed or take a snip of your cartoon(s) and submit the pictures.

When you have done the assignment of your choice, you will visit the Trojan War Wiki and "Create a Wiki Page" in the upper left corner. Be sure to comment on someone else's entry once you are finished!

Live Classes

Latin II Live Classes will be held throughout the week by different teachers. My sessions will be on Monday afternoons at 3:00 PM. Sessions are optional, but helpful. You can attend any Latin II session with any teacher. Check out the calendar of classes by clicking on the Live Class button on the home page of the course.

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 1 and 2