Welcome Back & Happy New Year 2021

Butterfield Elementary School

January School Calendar

  • 1/4- No School- Institute Day
  • 1/5- 1/8- Remote Learning for ALL students
  • 1/11- Resume Hybrid Schedule (M,T or Th, Fri) ( Wed- All Remote)
  • 1/18- No School
  • 1/25- Hybrid schedule begins for new hybrid students (new groupings for in-person/remote based on Dec. survey results)

Hybrid Students

The families who have been in hybrid learning since October, we will resume our schedule on Monday, January 11. Remember the schedule has not changed for families:

  • Last Name A-K Monday and Tuesday
  • Last Name L-Z Thursday and Friday
  • Wednesday ALL Student Remote
  • Kindergarten AM- 8:30am-11:00am (4 days)
  • Kindergarten PM- 12:00pm-2:30pm (4 days)
  • RISE Program- 8:30-1:30 pm (4 days)

For students who are NEW to hybrid learning for the first time, your start date is the week of Jan. 25th. You will be receiving an email about arrival and dismissal locations, lunch information and self certification protocols that were sent out earlier this year. Nothing has changed, but you may have missed the communication since your child was learning remotely.

We are excited to see all of our students back either remotely or hybrid and as always we are so very thankful to our parents, relatives, or other daycare providers who are our learning partners throughout this school year. We hope the second half of this school year is as successful as the first!

New Wednesday Art Schedule

Beginning this Wednesday, Mrs. Fitzgerald will be combining grade level classrooms in order to accommodate weekly live art classes. There will be a time change for one of the classrooms in each grade. As long as your child is following this week’s Wednesday schedule they will be in the right place at the right time. Kindergarten is the exception, times will not change for Kindergarten and classes will be combined with Manor Hill’s Kindergarten groups due to the need for an AM and PM class. Each group will have a different meeting link, so please be patient if the teacher is not at the meeting on time as she is finishing up with the previous group.

Thank you for all your help at home and we are looking forward to this positive change. Mrs. Fitzgerald is so excited to see the kids this week after our long break. Please email her with any questions or concerns at


Butterfield ALL School Book Read

In keeping with the traditions of Butterfield School, we will once again celebrate the love of reading by hosting the Butterfield All School Book Read. The teachers and staff at BF School will be meeting this week and next week to plan and decide on this year's book. We are so excited to make this happen again and we will be revealing the title of the book this Spring!

Kindergarten Registration Coming Soon.....

If you have an incoming Kindergarten student or know of someone who will, please keep on the look out for registration that will take place in late February. More information will be coming out in the next few weeks.

Illinois State University Student Teachers

Starting this month, you may see another adult in your child's classroom or google meet as we are excited to share our partnership with Illinois State University in hosting a few of their student teachers. In a typical school year, student teachers would spend their time in the classroom working with all students in a variety of ways. Due to our current model, we will have some of our student teachers on campus and others remote only. As teachers, we all remember our student teaching experience, and we are excited to share our expertise with future teachers and prepare them for the future generation of students.