By: Austin Urrutia


Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean sea, comprising the third largest island of the greater Antilles. The island of Jamaica is rich in biodiversity and has a number of plants and animals that are indigenous to Jamaica. A large number of these plants and animals are found no where else in the world; witch makes Jamaica a one of a kind.

Places and Facts

Ocho Rios
  • it was once a fishing village but now caters to tourists
  • eight rivers in the area
  • the name is a shortened version of Negrillo
  • became a resort location in the late 1950's
Raggae Beach
  • 2008 the Caribbean urban music awards
  • the beach is less crowded than others

Animals and Facts

Jamaican Mango
  • found near the coast
  • a hummingbird only found in Jamaica
Red Billed Streamer-tail
  • very long tail
  • a hummingbird only found in Jamaica
The Croaking Lizard
  • they make croaking calls to attract mates
  • they are active at night and eat insects

Plants and Facts

Blue Mahoe
  • national tree of Jamaica
  • commonly used as a source of lumber
  • 220 species and 33 are endemic
  • found though out the island of Jamaica
Bromeliads/ Wild Pines
  • found only in Jamaica
  • 60 species of Wild Pines